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MP280 4-sided Planer / Moulder

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Second generation of planers/moulders based on the proven MP260 unit.
The MP280 is a compact unit that combines the best features of the famous and proven MP360 and MP260 planers/moulders.
  • 4-sided planing and profiling in one pass.
  • High Quality Construction
Description MP280 4-sided Planer / Moulder

The MP280 planer/moulder makes a perfect solution for medium and large woodworking companies that want to supply their customers with premium wood products, such as floorboards, sidings, panels, door and window frames, decorative elements, and more.

The MP280 is equipped with an intuitive control panel with the switches engaging all motors and the feed mechanism separately, allowing for lower energy consumption and noise emission. The 13,78 kW electric motors drive the cutter heads at 6000 rpm, ensuring the best possible finish of the board surface.

The MP280 features two horizontal cutter heads – the top shaft with a length of 410 mm and a diameter of 88 mm, while the bottom one 300 mm x 72 mm, and two side cutterheads (one in a fixed position and one moveable), which mould the material with a maximum height of 100 mm. Increased efficiency is possible due to 4-sided cutting in just one pass through the machine.

The feed mechanism has been incorporated from the bigger MP360 unit and comes with a variable speed of 3-15 m/min. The material feeds in and out of the machine on the 1,2m tables with protective steel curtains installed over the infeed entrance to prevent material throwback.

There are four sawdust exhaust ports – one with a diameter of 125 mm and three with 100 mm - and additional covers and brushes installed inside the machine to drive out the waste material from around the cutter heads as efficiently as possible. The MP280 planer/moulder is compatible with the Wood-Mizer MES dust extraction systems, which have been designed to keep the workplace clean and tidy.

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Features MP280 4-sided Planer / Moulder

Specifications MP280 4-sided Planer / Moulder
4-sided Moulding Capacity
Max. Width - 4 Sided Planing 250mm
Max. Height - 4 Sided Planing 100mm (4")
2-sided Moulding Capacity
Max. Width - 2 Sided Planing 300mm (11 13/16")
Max. Height - 2 Sided Planing 230 mm (9")
1-sided Moulding or Thicknessing Capacity
Max. Width - 1 Sided Planing 410mm (16")
Max. Height - 1 Sided Planing 230mm (9")
Upper Horizontal Cutter
Upper Horizontal Cutter Diameter 88mm (3 7/16")
Upper Horizontal Cutter Width 410 mm (16.14”)
Upper Horizontal Cutter Power 4kW (5.5HP)
Upper Horizontal Cutter Speed 6000rpm / 50Hz
Lower Horizontal Cutter
Lower Horizontal Cutter Diameter 72mm (2 13/16")
Lower Horizontal Cutter Width 300mm (11 13/16")
Lower Horizontal Cutter Power 3kW (4HP)
Lower Horizontal Cutter Speed 6000rpm
Vertical Cutters
Vertical Cutters Spindle Diameter 30mm (1 3/16")
Vertical Cutters Max Cutter Height 100mm (3 15/16")
Vertical Cutters Max Diameter 140mm (5 1/2")
Vertical Cutters Power 3kW (4HP)
Vertical Cutters Rotation Speed 6000rpm
Power Feed
Feed Motor 0.37kW (0.5HP)
Feed Speed 3-15 m/min 50Hz
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