Customer Stories

Wood-Mizer Sawmills Help Cultivating Growth and Women’s Empowerment in Pakistan

Ciqam Green Solutions is an organization that operates in the scenic Hunza Valley in northern Pakistan. Named after the Burushaski word for "green," Ciqam is committed to sustainability and gender equality, empowering women in Pakistan by challenging traditional roles. Starting as an NGO and with backing from the Norwegian embassy, Ciqam acquired Wood-Mizer equipment, growing into an independent business. Today, Ciqam stands as a symbol of women's resilience and contribution to their communities and economy.

Sunder Lumbers Increases Production with Wood-Mizer in Gujarat, India

Rajesh Agarwal and his team of 25 at Sunder Lumbers in Anjar, Kutch, Gujarat, India, mill a large quantity of logs into functional lumber that is sold across India.

Sri Lankan Sawmill Growing with 8 Wood-Mizer Sawmills

A Sri Lankan sawmiller reports saving operational costs and improving log yield by relying on 8 Wood-Mizer thin-kerf sawmills in his business.

Sri Lankan Timber Yard Busy with Domestic Orders

Sampath Sawmill in Sri Lanka supplies wood to local companies using two Wood-Mizer mills.

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