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LT20 Sawmill

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See additional options in the Specifications Section.
Versatile and reliable wood processing for small business

Ideal sawmill for businesses that require efficiency, flexibility and productivity at a low price.

  • Powered sawhead controls
  • Stationary or Mobile Configurations
  • Electronic Setworks boost Productivity
  • Customize Bed Length & Log Handling Options
Description LT20 Sawmill

The LT20 Sawmill Series presents ideal solutions for start-up wood businesses, workshops, individual estates and larger business operations that require an efficient, flexible and productive sawmill but do not need the larger volume capability of the LT40 and LT70 Series.

The LT20 cuts logs up to 80 cm in diameter and 4.8-8.4 m long. Log handling with the LT20 can be configured for the exact needs of your business – Manual or hydraulic log handling configurations are available to match productivity and budget requirements. The LT20 sawmill head retains the same productivity features of Wood-Mizer’s premium range. With the standard electronic SW Setworks, simply select the board thickness required and the head height automatically positions for each cut - no waiting for manual calculations. Forward and reverse movement is made by the adjustable power feed.

A water tank feeds lubrication directly to the blade to improve cutting performance and keep the blade clean. The electric blade guide arm keeps the blade supported while cutting various sized material. Blade tension is easily adjusted, and keeps the blade at the proper tension for cutting.

Popular Options

Full mobility for your sawmill can be achieved with the addition of a trailer package. The optional Debarker prolongs blade life by clearing away dirt and rocks from the bark. Petrol and diesel engine options available.

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Specifications LT20 Sawmill
Power 11 kW (E15) Electric
15 kW (E20) Electric
25 HP Petrol
22 HP Diesel
Cutting Capacity
Max. Log Diameter 80 cm
Max. Width of Cut 65 cm
Max. Cant Width 58 cm
Max. Depth of Cut 25 cm
Head Features and Options
Setworks SW10 (for AC models)
Head Up/Down Electric
Head Forward/Reverse Electric
Blade Guide Arm Electric
Blade Lubrication Electro Valve
Blade Tension System Screw with Gauge
Debarker Optional
Sawdust Collection Port Diameter 101.6 mm (4'')
Additional Options Remote Operation Station (Curtain)
Length 4010 mm
Width 32 mm
35 mm
Thickness 1.00 mm
1.07 mm
Blade Wheels
Blade Wheel Diameter 483 mm
Blade Wheel Type Belted
Blade Wheel Material Cast Iron
Bed Features and Options
Bed Construction Monorail
Angled Bed Rails Optional
Bed Extensions Bed Extension: 0.5 m
Bed Extension: 0.9 m
Manual or Hydraulic Bed Extension: 1.8 m, 3.6 m or 7.2 m
Trailer Package Optional
Bed Features Adjustable Legs
Log Handling
Manual Toeboards
Side Support
Winch Log Turner
Log Loader (Manual Pump)
STANDARD Hydraulic 3 Side Supports
Central Clamp on Two Rods
Claw Log Turner
Log Leveling Rollers
Hold-down Clamps
Log Loader
SUPER Hydraulic Chain Turner
2 Vertical Side Support
Central Clamp on Two Rods
Log Leveling Roller
Power Roller with Two Cylinders
Hold-Down Clamps
Log Loader
Sawmill Features and Options
Frame Construction Cantilever
Standards CE
Options Cant Hook
Log Deck
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