How to improve blade performance? New Wood-Mizer LIVE video series.

Wood-Mizer LIVE video presentations

Wood-Mizer invites to a series of LIVE presentations dedicated to BLADES, and more precisely, sharpening, setting, and selecting the blade type. During LIVE transmission, Wood-Mizer experts will discuss blade maintenance’s better practice, present the necessary service tools, and share some practical knowledge.

Schedule of LIVE presentations:

In the first episode, Wood-Mizer presents the SHARPENERS BMS600HS, BMS500HS, and BMS250AS. This presentation helps to learn more about preparing the sharpener to work, correct maintenance techniques, choosing the grinding wheel for sharpening, etc.

The second episode demonstrates the Wood-Mizer TOOTH SETTERS BMT300AS, BMT250AS-P, BMT200, BMT150, BMT100 and explains how to choose the setter model, to prepare the setter to work, to make the blade setting, etc.

In the third episode, Wood-Mizer presents the BLADE range from the most inexpensive StartCUT, popular SilverTIP, DoubleHARD, and MaxFLEX to the premium RazorTIP and BiMETAL. The presentation contains advice on choosing a blade profile for a specific wood type, why it’s worth using the original Wood-Mizer blades. The viewers find out how Wood-Mizer manufactures the blades.

LIVE presentations are available at Wood-Mizer’s YouTube channel and the official Facebook profile.

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